South Carolina: bill out of committee requires Magistrate Court Judges have at least a four-year baccalaureate degree, requires attorney-judges in counties over 75k

South Carolina maintains 5 trial courts, one of which is Magistrate Court (in many/most states a “magistrate” is a quasi-judicial officer of some other court, not a judge of a separate court). South Carolina Magistrate Court Judges are appointed by the governor with senate confirmation and have both civil and criminal jurisdiction, but aren’t required to be lawyers or even to have graduated college; a GED is all that is required. That may change under a bill approved by the House Judiciary Committee this week.

HB 4811 as filed provided that starting in July 2018 newly appointed Magistrate Court Judges must have received a four-year baccalaureate degree. In counties over 75,000, the judges must also be a licensed attorney. The version as amended in committee extends the deadline to July 2019.

HB 4811 now goes to the full House.