North Carolina: Bill dealing with enhanced penalties for threats and assaults against judges, clerks, and court staff introduced

A North Carolina bill (HB 492) to increase penalties for attacks and threats on judges, clerks, and other court staff was introduced in the House earlier this week.

G.S. § 14?16.6 makes it a Class I felony to assault a “court officer” which includes judges/justices, magistrates, clerks of superior court, acting clerks, assistant or deputy clerks, and others. If a deadly weapon is used or serious bodily injury occurs, this is increased to a Class F felony. Under HB 492 this would increase to a Class H or Class E felony, respectively.

G.S. § 14?16.7 makes it a Class I felony to threaten to inflict serious bodily injury upon or to kill a “court officer”. Under HB 492 this would increase to a Class H felony.

Finally, for other court employees, HB 492 makes “simple assault” on any officer or employee of state or local government a Class I felony. State law (G.S. § 14?33) otherwise makes “simple assault” a Class 2 misdemeanor.

HB 492 has been filed in the House State and Local Government I Committee.