Special Edition: New Jersey fee/fine/cost legislation in the 2017 session

AB 3354 Provides notwithstanding the provisions of any other law to the contrary, a defendant who has been sentenced or is required to pay an assessment, penalty, or fee imposed in accordance with the provisions of Title 2C of the New Jersey Statutes may at any time, including the time of sentencing, apply to the court which sentenced him for a waiver of the assessment, penalty, or fee or of any unpaid portion thereof in accordance with rules adopted by the Supreme Court. If it appears to the satisfaction of the court that the defendant has demonstrated that requiring such payment would impose an extreme financial hardship or that it would otherwise be unjust to require payment, the court may waive the assessment, penalty, or fee or the unpaid portion thereof in whole or in part, or establish an appropriate payment schedule that takes into account the defendant’s financial or other circumstance. In Assembly Judiciary Committee.

AB 4455 Requires “miscellaneous revenues” in municipal budget expected to be realized from municipal court to be listed under “Fines and Costs” line item. In Assembly Judiciary Committee.