Arizona: new law gives pro se litigants same electronic access and filing privileges as attorneys, but only in their own case

A bill to give Arizona pro se litigants the same right to court e-filing and e-dockets as attorneys, but only in their own cases, was signed into law last week.

HB 2220 as enacted amends the state’s existing electronic filing and access law and provides

  1. If the presiding judge of the Superior Court (Arizona’s court of general jurisdiction) provides access or filing privileges to attorneys, the privileges must also be provided to pro se litigants.
  2. Access or filing privileges provided to attorneys or pro se litigants may be limited to records of cases in which they are involved (attorney = party or attorney of record for party; pro se = pro se litigant’s own case).

HB 2220 has an effective date of December 31, 2017.