Special Edition: Missouri fee/fine/cost legislation in the 2017 session

HB 1209 Requires all moneys, except administrative costs, from minor traffic violations on state-maintained roads or highways to be sent to the Director of the Department of Revenue. In House (no committee).

HB 380 Allows court to order credit for time served when an individual has been held in custody for a show cause order pertaining to any matter related to a minor traffic violation. Requires any summons for a minor traffic violation to include the date and time a defendant is to appear in court when the defendant is first provided the summons. Provides if the summons does not include such information when first given to the defendant, the summons will be void. Approved by House General Laws Committee 2/21/17. In House Rules Committee.

HB 623 Prohibits the fine collection center from taking an individual’s drivers’ license for failure to appear for a traffic violation. Action postponed in House Judiciary Committee 3/7/17.