Texas becomes 4th state to consider bill to permit/require judges give jury nullification instructions; Utah House rejected plan 29-45

Texas this week becomes the 4th state this legislative session to consider a bill to permit or require judges give a jury nullification instruction.

HB 3911 as filed would amend Government Code 23 (General Provisions for Trial Courts). The new subchapter would require a judge’s charge to a jury instruct the members of the jury of their duty to:

  1. judge the law to determine whether the law is unjust or unjustly applied to a party in a case
  2. determine the validity of the evidence and
  3. vote on the jury verdict according to the members’ consciences.

The Texas bill is similar to one filed in Utah (HB 332). That bill would have required judges inform jurors of

  1. the potential sentence for a guilty verdict and
  2. “the jury’s power to find a defendant not guilty when a guilty verdict would be manifestly unjust.”

The bill was rejected by the full Utah House on a 29-45-1 vote earlier this month.

The other two bills (Oregon 924 discussed here and New Hampshire HB 133 discussed here) have not advanced in the last several weeks.