Jury nullification legislation: pending on Utah House floor; cleared New Hampshire House & pending in Senate committee

Efforts to require judges give, or allow, jury nullification information in criminal cases have cleared legislative hurdles in Utah while the New Hampshire version remains pending in the Senate after House approval.

Utah HB 332 as amended provides that in all criminal cases, defendants would be entitled to have a jury informed of

  1. the potential sentence for a guilty verdict and
  2. “the jury’s power to find a defendant not guilty when a guilty verdict would be manifestly unjust.”

HB 332 cleared the House Judiciary Committee on a 7-4-1 vote on February 24 and the House Rules committee on February 28. It is now pending on the House 3rd Reading Calendar.

Meanwhile, the 2017 New Hampshire jury nullification bill (HB 133), that includes the specific wording/language judges are to use in instructing a jury, was approved in mid-February by the House (discussed here) and remains pending in the Senate Judiciary Committee.