Connecticut: bill increases penalties for threatening judges, magistrates, and referees; 2016 version approved in committee

A bill to increase penalties for threatening judges and judicial officials first introduced in 2016 has been refiled for the 2017 and is set for a hearing next week

HB 5742 of 2017 amends the state’s existing statute against threats which provides, generally, threatening in the first degree is a class D felony and┬áthreatening in the second degree is a class A misdemeanor.

Under HB 5742 this would be elevated each one level to a class C felony or class D felony, respectively where the threat is made against “a family support magistrate, a family support referee, judge trial referee or a judge of any court, either elected or appointed, and the threat is related to the magistrate’s, referee’s or judge’s official duties.”

HB 5742 appears to be similar if not identical to HB 5495 of 2016 as amended/committee substituted. That version was approved by the Joint Committee on Judiciary 40-1 but failed to advance.