New Hampshire: House committee rejects 13-0 plan to expand judicial performance evaluation program to include all court personnel

Since the 1990s (by rule) and 2000 (by law) New Hampshire has provided for a judicial performance evolution program (R.S.A. 490:32 and Supreme Court Rule 56) that produces annual reports on how the state’s judges fare in areas such as Temperament, Legal Knowledge, and Attentiveness. This year, an effort made in the House to expand that program to cover all court personnel has been rejected.

HB 311 would have amended R.S.A. 490:32 to read in operative part (new language in bold)

The chief justice and a majority of the supreme court, in consultation with the administrative judges of the superior and circuit courts and other nonjudicial branch officers as established by court rule, shall design and implement by court rule, a program for performance evaluation of judges and court personnelThe program for performance evaluation shall ensure that each judge and court employee is evaluated a minimum of once every 3 years.

That proposal was rejected by the House Judiciary Committee as Inexpedient to Legislate on February 15 by a 13-0 vote.