Colorado: bill requires a judge in a civil case refer a motion to disqualify to another judge for determination

A bill up for a hearing next week in the Colorado House would require judges in civil matters refer motions to disqualify to some other judge.

HB 1132 as introduced starts by providing a list of reasons to file a motion to disqualify a judge and the process associated with filing the motion (e.g. must be supported by affidavit, must be filed within 21 days, etc.)

It then follows by giving the judge targeted in the motion two options: grant the motion (and have the chief judge assign a new judge) or certify the motion to the chief judge of the court for the chief judge to make the determination. If the targeted judge is the chief judge of the court, the chief judge must certify the motion to a chief judge of an “adjoining, like jurisdiction.”

HB 1132 is set for a hearing before the House Judiciary Committee next week.