Illinois: even more bills to allow judges & prosecutors to bring guns into courthouses filed

The latest is a series of legislative efforts to life the ban on judges and others from carrying guns into courthouses (other bills discussed here and here) have been filed. These latest efforts, like prior bills, continue to make a distinction between courthouse and courtroom carry.

Current law provides for a broad ban on guns in courthouses. HB 5713 would amended the criminal statutes (720 ILCS 5/24-2) to allow for courthouse carry for

  1. a retired law enforcement office
  2. the Attorney General or assistant Attorney General with the consent of the Attorney General
  3. State’s Attorney or assistant State’s Attorney with the consent of the State‚Äôs Attorney
  4. State court judge, or retired State court judge

The chief judge (Circuit Court) or presiding judge (Appellate Court) or the Chief Justice (Supreme Court) would only be able to issue restrictions or prohibitions on carrying into courtrooms.

SB 3006 effectively repeats SB 1637 as introduced: a judge, State’s Attorney or assistant State’s Attorney who has a concealed carry firearm license could carry into the courthouse but not a courtroom. The judge or prosecutor seeking to enter into the courtroom would be required to put the weapon into a locker provided by the sheriff or, if the building was controlled by the judiciary, the presiding judge.