First Washington, now New Mexico debates requiring supreme court justices be elected by district

I’ve mentioned recently the series of efforts in the Washington state senate to require that state’s supreme court justices to run from districts. Now comes a similar plan for New Mexico. Under SJR 15 of 2016

The state shall be divided into at least five districts from which justices shall be elected, with one justice elected from each district, as provided by law…A justice of the supreme court, at the time the justice is first appointed to fill a vacancy or elected to office, shall reside in the district from which the justice is appointed or elected as provided by law. The provisions of this 2016 amendment shall not apply to justices serving at the time this amendment is adopted or to justices elected at the general election in 2016.

This appears to mark the first time such a proposal has ever been filed.

As a reminder, only 6 states elect or reelect some or all of the members of their courts of last resort by district: Illinois, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Mississippi, and Nebraska (associate justices, chief justice reelected statewide).

SJR 15 has been assigned to the Senate Rules Committee.