Kansas: possible vote Thursday on changing merit/commission selection for supreme court; does the House have the 2/3rds needed?

According to a reporter for the Associated Press the Kansas House is set to discuss Wednesday and vote Thursday on plans to end merit/commission selection for the state’s supreme court. As in prior years the question appears to focus on whether the House can muster the 2/3rds majority needed to pass the constitutional amendment(s) on to voters.

Last February the House Judiciary Committee approved two separate plans (discussed here).

  1. HCR 5004 replaces the current merit/commission selection system with one of partisan elections.
  2. HCR 5005 would move towards a quasi-federal model (Governor selects without commission list, Senate confirms with default confirm, yes/no retention elections).

Those proposals were carried over into the 2016 session. The question of whether the House can get the 2/3rds vote was what stymied prior efforts such as SCR 1601 of 2013 that had been approved by the Senate.