Wisconsin: bill would place text of proposed Supreme Court rules changes online rather than in newspapers

Like most state courts of last resort, the Wisconsin Supreme Court can exercise rulemaking authority over the courts. How that power is exercised is spelled out, in part, in state law (751.12(3)) which provides in operative part that notices of the rules changes, including the entire text of the rules change, be published in newspapers and the State Bar’s official publication.

Under AB 443 and SB 346 filed this week, however, the full text would be provided on the Court’s website.

Proposed rules, including changes, if any, in existing rules, shall be set forth in full in the notice placed on the Internet site maintained by the director of state courts for the supreme court.

The Assembly version of the bill was heard yesterday (10/29) in the State Affairs and Government Operations Committee, while the Senate version cleared that chamber’s Committee on Judiciary and Public Safety yesterday as well.