Montana Legislative Year in Review: judicial redistricting commission; financial disclosures for judges


HB 366 Allows a Justice of the Peace or Clerk of District Court to be paid up to an additional $2,000 per year in addition to their base salaries.

HB 430 Creates judicial redistricting commission to recommend changes to district lines for 2017 legislature.

HB 461 Allows justice court judges to receive additional compensation for longevity in addition to their base salary.

SB 15 Clarifies retired judges or justices may handle all phases of a case if called for service.

SB 72 Repeals law prohibiting political party endorsement of judicial candidates.

SB 89 Requires Supreme Court justices and district court judges to file financial reports.


SB 235 Provides governor may not alter judicial branch budget proposals but must direct them to legislature unchanged.