Nevada: binding judicial compensation commission clears Assembly 27-15; commission would also set salaries for other officials

I mentioned two weeks ago a constitutional amendment being debated in Nevada that was effectively a copy of a bill approved by Arkansas votes in November 2014 to create a binding compensation commission for judges and other state officials with no ability of the legislature to override the commission.

The Nevada bill (AJR 10) has now cleared the Nevada Assembly on a 27-15 vote, but with one key difference between it and its Arkansas counterpart. The commission will now include appointees named by the Senate and Assembly minority leaders.

Original As amended
Governor 2 2
Senate majority leader 2 1
Senate minority leader 0 1
Assembly majority leader 2 1
Assembly minority leader 0 1
Chief Justice 1 1

AJR 10 now goes to the Nevada Senate. If approved by a majority of that body it must be re-approved by the 2017/2018 legislature before appearing on the ballot.