Week ahead: judicial salaries in NV & OR; giving Alaska governor control of Judicial Council; Missouri Municipal Courts must report their existence & every circuit must create a Drug Court

April 6

April 7

Missouri House Civil and Criminal Proceedings Committee

HB 525 Specifies that drug courts must be established by every circuit court (currently every circuit may).

Nevada Assembly Legislative Operations and Elections Committee

AJR 10 Creates Citizens’ Commission on Salaries for Certain Elected Officers to set salaries for Supreme Court, Court of Appeals, District Courts, and other state officials. Provides Commission’s recommendations are binding.

Oregon Senate Rules Committee

SJR 4 (Constitutional Amendment) Repeals provision allowing for the establishment of a mandatory retirement age.

Texas House Judiciary & Civil Jurisprudence Committee

HB 1091 Provides challenges to state laws to be heard on request of Attorney General by three-judge panels of District Court two of whom are to be chosen by Chief Justice.

April 8

Missouri House Civil and Criminal Proceedings Committee

HB 1199 Requires municipal courts to report their existence to the Office of State Courts Administrator by December 31, 2015.

Montana Senate Judiciary Committee

HB 430 Creates judicial redistricting commission to recommend changes to district lines for 2017 legislature.

Oregon Senate Judiciary Committee

SB 385 Adds justice court and municipal court to definition of “court facility” in which firearms and other weapons are prohibited except in specified circumstances

SB 446 Provides for annual adjustment of judges’ salaries based on Consumer Price Index.

April 9

April 10

Alaska Senate Judiciary Committee

SJR 3 Expands Judicial Council from 7 to 10. Provides governor to name majority of council members (6 out of 10). Requires all members of Council be confirmed by legislature. Provides quorum of 7 to take any action.