Tennessee Legislative Year in Review: Defining what is a “case” for court statistical purposes, judges carrying guns into courthouses


HB 1520 Removes the requirement that judges must complete Tennessee Peace Officers Standards and Training (POST) training in order to carry a firearm in the discharge of the judge’s official duties.

HB 1640 Extends the Tennessee board of judicial conduct to 2018.

HB 1809 Redefines criminal “case” for court statistics/caseload/weighted caseload purposes.

SB 1546 Terminates the judicial information system advisory committee.

SB 1570 Terminates the Tennessee court information system (TnCIS) steering committee.

SB 1673 Beginning July 1, 2015, reduces, from 50 percent to 40 percent, the amount of collected court fees, fines, costs, and taxes a third – party agent can receive for its fee. Prohibits state funds from being used to pay for any computer system or software changes that may be necessitated by the proposed legislation. Provides any changes shall be funded by fees collected by court clerks which are dedicated funds for computer related expenses of court clerks under existing statute.