Mississippi Legislative Year in Review: creation of Justice Court and Municipal Court Collections Funds


HB 67 Allows special judges appointed to serve on emergency basis to receive up to 50% of the annual salary of a regular judge of the same court (currently limited to 25%).

HB 222 Requires municipal court judge in municipalities between 10,000 and 20,000 people be an attorney. Specifically provides the mayor or mayor pro tempore shall not serve as a municipal judge.

HB 579 Creates Justice Court Collections Fund and Municipal Court Collections Fund to assist courts in recovering debts owed to them. Provides program to be paid for via $15 fee assessed on convictions in misdemeanor cases.

HB 593 Requires Administrative Office of the Courts recommend uniform format for keeping youth court records.

HB 1185 Increases number of judges larger municipal courts may have.

HB 1226 Revises county population requirements for justice court judges. Allows county commission to approve using fewer judges.