Louisiana Legislative Year in Review: effort to eliminate mandatory judicial retirement age rejected

On ballot

HB 96 (Constitutional Amendment) Eliminates mandatory judicial retirement age. Rejected at November 2014 ballot.


HB 38 Increases judicial retirement benefits age from 60 with 5 years of service to 62 with 5 years of service.

HB 46 Requires judges to sign and print their names on all judgments.

HB 54 Provides that any court that designates by rule, divisions, or sections of the court as a specialized division or section having subject matter jurisdiction for an alcohol court, driving while intoxicated court, sobriety court, or other specialized subject matter jurisdiction shall assess certain costs.

HB 569 Authorizes district courts to designate a section or division of court for human trafficking courts and provides for certain procedures. Provides that the victim will receive certain support services only if available.

HB 709 Allows justices of the peace to solemnize marriages in any parish which has no justice of the peace. Provides when justice of the peace appoints ad hoc justice of the peace to temporarily serve in office must notify attorney general within 72 hours.

HB 752 Expands the crime of filing a false lien against a law enforcement or court officer to include liens against any clerk of court, recorder of mortgages, and their deputies.

HB 888 Creates the Louisiana Clerks’ Remote Access Authority (LCRAA) for the purpose of providing infrastructure, governance, standard operating procedures, technology, and training to support a statewide portal for secure remote access of certain court records maintained by LCRAA members to internet users and for document preservation.

HB 1130 Authorizes municipal governing authorities to contract with private collection agencies for purposes of collecting city court fines, forfeitures, penalties, and costs.

SB 111 Establishes that fees for e-filing may not exceed the fee amount for regular paper filing of documents. Provides that documents up to eight and one-half inches by fourteen inches, including but not limited to exhibits, attachments, suit records, transcripts, and depositions, shall be two dollars per page. Provides that all paper documents and other exhibits larger than eight and one-half inches by fourteen inches shall be five dollars per page.

SB 532 Creates veteran’s court program in all district courts. Specifies it is the prosecutor who decides there is reason to believe it is in the best interest of the community and in the interest of justice that a defendant be made eligible for the program.

SB 583 Removes exemption that those justices of the peace serving as of August 15, 2006 need not retire at age 70.

SB 606 Provides that the various courts shall provide by court rule for the method of electronic signature to be used and to ensure the authenticity of the electronic signature. Repeals law prohibiting electronic signatures relating to court orders or notices, or official court documents, including briefs, pleadings, and other writings, required to be executed in connection with court proceedings.