Oregon House and Senate members want to rewrite con amend they approved in 2013 to allow judges to teach at public universities

I mentioned last year that Oregon judges were in something of a pickle; those who wanted to teach part time at any public university were barred from doing so under a provision of the state constitution that prohibited dual “lucrative office” holding. The constitution amendment (SJR 34)  passed unanimously in the Senate but had a tougher time in the House, passing there by only 36-23.

The lead sponsor of SJR 34 of 2013 is now back and seeking to redo what was done in 2013, replacing that text with SJR 203 of 2014. The new bill effectively keeps the exemption for judges to the “lucrative office” rule as it relates to either teaching or service in the Oregon National Guard. The new SJR 203 also allows Oregon community college employees and public university employees not employed by the State Board of Higher Education to serve as members of the legislature.

SJR 203 is prefiled for the 2014 session.