Bills allowing judges to carry guns just like law enforcement advance in Indiana, introduced in Arizona

The latest in a series of bills introduced in the last several years to loosen restrictions on where/when a judge can carry a gun have been introduced, or advanced, this week. Indiana SB 3, which I discussed previously here, effectively allows judges to carry weapons in the same manner and in the same places as law enforcement in the state. SB 3 was approved by the full Senate on January 23 on a 47-1 vote and is now pending in the House.

An effectively identical bill was also introduced in Arizona. Existing law establishes the crime of “misconduct involving weapons” in 16 specific instances (A.R.S. 13-3102(A)). Seven sections of the law do not apply to peace officers, members of the military, wardens, etc. SB 1266 expands the list of those exempted to include “an elected or appointed judicial officer in this state.” SB 1266 has been assigned to the Senate Judiciary Committee.