State-by-State 2011 Legislative Year in Review: Idaho

New laws affecting the courts enacted by the Idaho legislature in 2011 include the following:

HB 67 Amends existing law relating to dispositions of fines, forfeitures and costs to allow the Supreme Court to enter into certain contracts for collection services for debts owed to courts.

HB 68 Provides Judicial Council shall prepare its own annual budget request and that the Supreme Court shall include that request in its own budget request without any changes.

HB 225 Allows the admission, after consultation with the drug court team and with the consent of the prosecuting attorney, of persons charged with or convicted of a crime of violence into drug court programs.

HB 227 Permits judges to use their discretion to grant restricted driving privileges, in the same situations and on the same terms as DUI cases, to participants in good standing in mental health courts and other similar problem solving courts utilizing community-based sentencing alternatives.

SB 1008 Requires the Administrative Director to make reports/ transmit data on the business of the courts and other matters each fiscal year, rather than each calendar year.