Judicial Retirement Plans/Pensions 2011: Northeastern States

Maine HB 425 Establishes an option for new employees hired on or after July 1, 2012 to become members of the Judicial Retirement Program. Provides current members may make a onetime, irrevocable election to remain as members.

Massachusetts HB 2431 Provides survivors of judges who die “in the performance of his/her duties” are to receive maximum retirement benefits as if judge were fully vested, etc. Defines “in the performance of his/her duties” as including judicial assignments in any courthouse or other venue, such as hospitals or jails, used to conduct judicial business; to Emergency Judicial Response System assignments; to approved voluntary or assigned education programs or other assignment within the scope of his/her employment as a judge or justice.

Massachusetts HB 2965 Modifies retirement earnings and benefits of certain senior justices.

Massachusetts HB 2978 Provides for judges who reach mandatory retirement age shall receive automatic inflation adjustments to annual pensions.

New Hampshire HB 299 Allows the annual contribution for unfunded accrued liability of the judicial retirement plan to be calculated over a 30-year period or the maximum period allowed, whichever is less.

New Hampshire HB 492 Establishes a deferred retirement option in the judicial retirement plan. Modifies benefits related to service of certain judges of probate retiring because of permanent disability.

New Jersey AB 3796 & SB 2705 Increases employee contribution rates in Judicial Retirement System (JRS) to 8.5% of salary (up from 3%). Provides additional 5.5% not being used to reduce the statutorily required employer normal contribution. Provides increases to be implemented in a manner to conform to State Constitution prohibition against the reduction in the compensation of a judge during the judge’s term of appointment.

New Jersey SB 2696 Restructures Judicial Retirement System (JRS) and other Retirement Systems. Changes contribution rate to JRS and authorizes JRS board to make future changes.

Rhode Island HB 5840 Eliminates the cost-of-living retirement adjustments for all judges, teachers, and state employees and their surviving spouses or domestic partners who are hired on or after the effective date of act.