Issue 5:4 is out

Issue 5:4 (January 21) is here.

  • Bans on sharia/international law introduced in six states. Wyoming’s version would only allow its courts to reference the laws of the rest of the U.S. “provided the law of the other state does not include Sharia law.”
  • Washington State introduces six bills to remove or increase the mandatory judicial retirement age
  • Arizona bill would require supreme court and superior courts provide bulk electronic case data to companies
  • E-filing/E-filing fees: Bills introduced in Arizona, Oregon, South Dakota, Virginia, and Wyoming
  • Bills in Montana and New Hampshire would require judges instruct juries as to jury nullification
  • Proposals to end or substantially change judicial retirement systems introduced in Arizona, Indiana, and Nebraska.
  • Constitutional amendments to permit or require reductions in judicial salaries proposed in Michigan and Washington.
  • Oklahoma’s Senate considers repeal of statutes requiring counties provide courts electricity and water.