Welcome to Gavel to Gavel: The Blog

Welcome to Gavel to Gavel: The Blog.

When Gavel to Gavel began publication in 2007, it was to identify trends in legislation affecting the courts. The publication was always meant to be a means to inform the ongoing debates regarding the relationship between the judiciary and legislature. With the addition of the Gavel to Gavel database in 2009, this was expanded to allow for those interested in the courts to more easily discover what it was legislatures in other states were considering. This expansion into the blogosphere was the next logical step.

This blog is intended to be a relatively open forum to provide more depth and analysis than what can be provided for in the weekly publication. The blog will also include posts from readers and others to discuss and elaborate on the pending legislation, either as subject experts or people in-state who can better lay out the environment. This is not so much a replacement for the weekly edition, but an extension.

Your thoughts, ideas, posts, and questions are welcome. You can reach me at wraftery@ncsc.org. If you are interested in subscribing to the weekly publication, email gaveltogavel@ncsc.org.

Bill Raftery
Editor, Gavel to Gavel