Oklahoma: House bill would make papers/documents of District Court judges subject to Oklahoma Open Records Act

Oklahoma’s Open Records Act defines “records” for purposes of the act and generally requires such records of any “public body” be open to the public. There is an explicit exemption for judges, however, from the definition of “public body” except as to public funds.

Except for the records required by Section 24A.4 of this title [related to expenditure of public funds], “public body” does not mean judges, justices, the Council on Judicial Complaints, the Legislature, or legislators

At least one member of the House, however, wants to release to the public the documents of District Court judges in the state. Under HB 2867 as flied.

  1. The definition of “public body” would now include “district court judge”
  2. The general exemption of records of “judges” would no longer include district court judges.

HB 2867 has been prefiled for the 2018 session.