Wyoming: Effort to strip state courts of jurisdiction to hear K-12 funding lawsuits killed in House; Senate had approved 26-4.

A plan to strip Wyoming state courts of the power to hear lawsuits involving state constitutional provisions related to K-12 funding has been rejected in a House committee.

SJR 9 had cleared the Senate on a 26-4 vote earlier this month (as discussed here) and would have amended the state’s constitution to specify that “the legislature determines” the “necessary” level of funding and taxation for the schools. It also would have expressly prohibited courts from ordering funding changes.

No court shall order, enjoin or otherwise require the imposition of any tax or tax increase, nor require any other provision of funding beyond those means and amounts prescribed by law to carry into effect the provisions of this section.

The constitutional amendment was then sent to the House Education committee which yesterday voted 9-0 against.