Week ahead: changes to merit selection in Vermont; impeaching Kansas judges for “usurping” legislature

Hearings and Votes

March 21

Kansas Senate Floor Vote

SB 439 Specifies grounds for impeachment of Kansas Supreme Court justice and District Court judges chosen via merit/commission system to include “attempting to subvert fundamental laws and introduce arbitrary power, attempting to usurp the power of the legislative or executive branch of government, exhibiting wanton or reckless judicial conduct.”

March 22

March 23

March 24

March 25

Vermont House Judiciary Committee

SB 91 Prohibits member of judicial nominating board from serving 3 consecutive terms. Specifies what materials and actions of the board are public. Specifies judicial candidate must be resident of Vermont that has practiced law at least 10 years and practiced in Vermont at least 5. Defines in detail the criteria and standards for nomination by the Board.