Week ahead: jury nullification in NH

Legislatures Coming Into Session

Utah 1/25

Hearings and Votes

January 25

January 26

Kansas House Judiciary Committee

SB 17 Revises Judicial Council membership. Adds House and Senate Corrections and Juvenile Justice Committee chairs.

South Carolina House Judiciary Committee

HB 4665 Requires candidates for magistrates court to be screened by the judicial merit selection commission before they may be appointed by the governor by and with the consent of the senate

January 27

New Hampshire House Judiciary Committee

HB 1270 Provides judges must give precisely worded jury nullification instruction: “The test you must use is this: If you have a reasonable doubt as to whether the state has proved any one or more of the elements of the crime charged, you must find the defendant not guilty. If you find that the law does not apply to the proven facts of the case, you must find the defendant not guilty. However, if you find, that the state has proved all of the elements of the offense charged beyond a reasonable doubt, but you find that based upon the facts of this case a guilty verdict will yield an unjust result, you may find the defendant not guilty.”

HB 1333 Provides judges must give precisely worded jury nullification instructions that include the jury’s power to “veto bad laws”.

HB 1386 Creates legislative procedure for a member of the legislature to introduce a citizen’s petition for redress of grievances to include removing judges from office.

January 28

Kansas Senate Judiciary Committee

Overview and Discussion on: Soloman vs. State (case that held unconstitutional legislature’s attempt to strip supreme court of administrative powers over the lower courts) and impact on separation of powers

January 29