Illinois Legislative Year in Review: court interpreters in civil cases; supreme court may issue law licenses to non-citizens here under Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (“DACA”) program


HB 299 Provides that no court security officer shall be subject to the jurisdiction of a Sheriff’s Merit Commission unless the officer was hired through the Sheriff’s Merit Commission’s certified applicant process.

HB 3620 Provides that whenever any person is a party or witness in a civil action in this State, the court shall, upon its own motion or that of a party, determine whether the person is capable of understanding the English language and is capable of expressing himself or herself in the English language so as to be understood directly by counsel, court, or jury.

HB 3933 Provides that the Illinois Access to Civil Justice Council shall develop (instead of the “General Assembly encourages the Supreme Court to develop”) specified pilot programs.

SB 23 Specifies Supreme Court may grant license to practice law to persons who are non-citizens or who are in the country due to deferred action under President Obama‚Äôs deferred action for childhood arrivals (“DACA”) program.