Week ahead: Mandatory judicial retirement age in Maryland, Nevada judicial compensation commission, redrawing Tennessee’s judicial districts

March 30

Arkansas Senate Judiciary Committee

HB 1626 Allows elected officials to carry guns into courthouse that contains person’s primary place of employment.

March 31

Nevada Assembly Legislative Operations and Elections Committee

AJR 10 (Constitutional Amendment) Creates Citizens’ Commission on Salaries for Certain Elected Officers to set salaries for Supreme Court, Court of Appeals, District Courts, and other state officials. Provides Commission’s recommendations are binding.

April 1

Tennessee House Finance, Ways & Means Committee, Subcommittee

HB 144 AS AMENDED: Creates Advisory Task Force to Review the Composition of Tennessee’s Current Judicial Districts. Creates Joint Legislative Committee on Judicial Redistricting to take up Task Force’s report and recommend changes to judicial districts.

April 2

Maryland House Judicial Proceedings Committee

SB 847 (Constitutional Amendment) AS AMENDED: Increases mandatory judicial retirement age to 73. Applies only to judges elected/appointed after approval of amendment by voters.

Oregon Senate Judiciary Committee

SB 919 Provides that person who falsely reports hazardous substance, fire, explosion, catastrophe or other emergency in court facility or public building commits crime of disorderly conduct in the first degree.

April 3