Week ahead: KY advisory judicial compensation commission; financial disclosure for MT judges; should NM judges have to be attorneys?

March 9

Kentucky Senate State & Local Government Committee

HB 469 Creates a Kentucky Citizens’ Commission on Judicial and Legislative Compensation. Recommendations may be rejected by legislature.

New Mexico Senate Rules Committee

SB 434 For counties over 600,000 (i.e. Bernalillo County), provides Probate Court judge must be attorney.

March 10

March 11

Montana House State Administration Committee

SB 89 Requires Supreme Court justices and District Court judges to file financial reports.

Tennessee House Civil Justice Committee, Civil Justice Subcommittee

HB 1306 Requires any meeting of Supreme Court justices where voting for a candidate for the office of attorney general and reporter occurs to be subject to the open meetings law (note in Tennessee, the AG is elected by the Supreme Court).

March 12

March 13

Montana House State Administration Committee

SB 235 Provides governor may not alter judicial branch budget proposals but must direct them to legislature unchanged.