Week ahead: Arizona House votes to add 2 more seats to Supreme Court; automatically adding judgeships to Missouri’s Circuit Courts

February 23

Arizona House

HB 2076 Expands Supreme Court from 5 to 7 justices.

February 24

Missouri Senate Judiciary and Civil and Criminal Jurisprudence Committee

SB 81 Provides that when an annual judicial performance report indicates for three consecutive years that a judicial circuit with a population of one hundred thousand people or more is in need of four or more full-time judicial positions then, subject to appropriations, there shall be one additional circuit judge position authorized in that circuit.

February 25
February 26

Oregon Senate Judiciary Committee

SB 385 Adds justice court and municipal court to definition of “court facility” in which firearms and other weapons are prohibited except in specified circumstances

February 27

New Mexico House Government, Elections & Indiana Affairs Committee

HB 371 Requires Magistrate Court judges have at least bachelor’s degrees