Wyoming: increase to mandatory judicial retirement age advances; judicial term limits amendment fails

For the last decade Wyoming’s legislature (which only meets every two years) has been attempting to increase or eliminate the state’s mandatory judicial retirement age of 70 for most judges. In short, the House continued to insist on an outright end to the age, the Senate wanted, at most, an increase from 70 to 75. This year, the House has agreed to the age 75 increase, but that plan nearly got sidetracked by a term limits amendment.

HJR 5 of 2015 started as an outright end to the retirement age. It was amended in committee to provide only for an increase to 75. A floor amendment, however, was made to impose a three-term limits on the state’s top courts (Supreme and District); it failed. The final proposal passed the full House on January 26 on a 49-11 vote.