Louisiana may expand law making it a crime to file a false lien on judges to include court clerks

I’ve mentioned several times in the past the efforts by state legislatures to address the misuse by disgruntled litigants of the lien process against judges. Several states, however, make it a specific crime to file such false documents against court staff as well. Louisiana, enacted its no-false-liens-on-judges statute as HB 616 of 2012 and codified it as R.S. 14:133.6 (prior coverage here).

HB 752, prefiled for the 2014 session that started yesterday, would expand the provisions of HB 616 of 2012 to include court clerks. Specifically it would expand the definition of “court officer” in R.S. 14:133.6(B)(1) for purposes of the false lien criminal statute to include “any clerk of court, recorder of mortgages, and their deputies.”

HB 752 is in the House Committee on Administration of Criminal Justice.