Week ahead: Alabama considers letting CJ permanently move judgeships; Tennessee may require judicial performance evaluation votes be made public

Legislatures Coming Into Session

Oklahoma 2/3/14
Oregon 2/3/14
Connecticut 2/5/14

Committee Activity of Note

February 3

Missouri Senate Judiciary Committee

SB 261 Reduced number of meetings of the state judicial conference to every two years (currently annual). Adds specific cross-references in law for comprehensive analysis of judicial resources.

SB 614 Deletes references to defunct offices of Supreme Court and Court of Appeals Commissioners. Prior coverage here.

February 4

February 5

Alabama Senate Judiciary Committee

SB 292 Allows chief justice to reallocate judgeship to a different circuit after vacancy based on a study by Judicial System Study Commission.

New Hampshire House Judiciary Committee

CACR 18 Provides legislature may create “redress of grievance” panels to hear appeals of jury verdicts in criminal cases and jury decisions in civil cases.

February 5

Tennessee House Civil Justice Committee, Civil Justice subcommittee

HB 1559 Requires votes by members of the judicial performance evaluation commission on any report that is required to be published and disclosed to be by roll call in a public meeting.

Washington House Judiciary Committee

HB 2556 Authorizes and encourages the establishment of therapeutic courts such as drug courts, veterans courts, and mental health courts.

February 6