Maryland: bills would let courts publish proposed rules & appellate hearing calendars online rather than in state’s Register

Most states have some sort of public register published on paper and that includes information and official government publications and notices for the last day/month/year. For Maryland, that statute is codified as State Government §7–206(a)(2) providing the Maryland Register is to contain (Note: in MD, the state’s highest court if the Court of Appeals and its intermediate appellate court the Court of Special Appeals).

(ii)   each proposed rule of court that the Chief Judge of the Court of Appeals directs to be published;
(iii)   each rule of court that the Court of Appeals adopts or permits to be adopted;
(iv)   the hearing calendar of the Court of Appeals;
(v)   each administrative order or memorandum of the Chief Judge of the Court of Appeals or of the Administrative Office of the Courts that the Chief Judge directs to be published;
(vi)   the hearing calendar of the Court of Special Appeals;
(vii)   each administrative regulation that the Chief Judge of the District Court adopts;

HB 45 / SB 69 of 2014 would still allow the publication of these documents in the Maryland Register, but the courts would be allowed have them “posted promptly on the website of the Maryland Judiciary” instead.

Both bills had hearings scheduled for January 14 at 1 PM before the House’s Judiciary Committee and the Senate’s Judicial Proceedings Committee.