10 most read Gavel to Gavel stories in 2013: sharia & state courts, false liens on judges, guns in courthouses, judicial impeachment

As I did last year, it’s time to tally the top 5 stories covered by Gavel to Gavel the blog based on how often the posts were viewed:

  1. Bans on court use of sharia/international law: heavily modified bills introduced in 2013, exempts contracts, Native American tribes, avoids using word “sharia”
  2. As more states try to require their judges be lawyers, Tennessee may move in opposite direction
  3. Texas House considers impeachment proceedings against judge
  4. Bans on court use of sharia/international law: AL & OK versions look for final votes soon; MO Senate committee approves its version
  5. Bans on court use of sharia/international law: MO governor vetoes, citing problems with foreign adoptions & full faith and credit; override possible

Also, were it a unique posting the category/tag for Kansas postings would have made the top 5, likely due to the interest in the changes to the state’s merit selection system.

Four other stories from prior years were also popular with readers:

From March 2011- Bans on court use of sharia/international law: 33 bills in 20 states to start 2012; review of all efforts since 2010
Also from March 2011- MS: New law greatly expands those who may carry a firearm into a courthouse
October 2012- Arizona Proposition 115: What courts/states have mandatory judicial retirement and at what age?
February 2012- State legislatures grappling with filing of false liens on judges and court staff