Kentucky bill would require all current and future judicial retirees & beneficiaries disclose online their retirement benefits

At least one member of the Kentucky legislature wants all retired judges in the state to publicly disclose their retirement benefits.

HB 48 of 2014 would effectively add a waiver in its entirety of the Judicial Form Retirement System’s confidential statute. The bill would require the release online of the account information for each member and recipient of the retirement system, including:

  1. first and last name
  2. the monthly retirement allowance they receive (if retired or beneficiary)
  3. the estimated monthly retirement allowance the person is eligible to receive on retirement

Similar provisions would be put into place for all employees under the Kentucky Employees Retirement System, the County Employees Retirement System, the State Police Retirement System and the Kentucky Teachers’ Retirement System.

HB 48 has been prefiled for the 2014 session which starts in January.