Ohio becomes latest state to consider expanding carrying of guns into courthouses

August 2nd, 2013 by Bill Raftery Leave a reply »

The latest effort to expand the carrying of firearms into courthouses comes from Ohio in the form of HB 236.

Current Ohio law (O.R.S. 2923.123) generally makes it a fifth degree felony to carry a firearm into a courthouse.

(A) No person shall knowingly convey or attempt to convey a deadly weapon or dangerous ordnance into a courthouse or into another building or structure in which a courtroom is located.

(B) No person shall knowingly possess or have under the person’s control a deadly weapon or dangerous ordnance in a courthouse or in another building or structure in which a courtroom is located.

Paragraph C of the law provides exceptions for judges, peace officers and law enforcement, bailiffs, and prosecutors.

HB 236 adds an additional exception for all “government officials” as 2923.123(C)(2)(c)

This section does not apply to… A government official who conveys or attempts to convey a handgun into, or possesses or has under the official’s control a handgun in, a courthouse or another building or structure in which a courtroom is located if the official has been issued and at the time of the conveyance, attempted conveyance, possession, or control is carrying a valid concealed handgun license, and the courthouse, building, or structure is not a secure facility.

The bill also defines “government officials” as “any elected or appointed officer or employee of the state or any political subdivision of the state.”

HB 236 is currently pending in the House with no committee assignment.


  1. Judge Nancy A. Fuerst, Adm/Pres Cuyahoga County Common Pleas Court says:

    With the volume of visitors to our courthouse and jails, the number of employees who report to work,and the nature of proceedings conducted for both the city of cleveland and cuyahoga county, this would be an extrememly dangerous and unwise course of action.

    I am opposed and would be happy to present testimony from the court perspective to any committee which analyzes this bill.

  2. Jeffrey A Crosby says:

    Judge Fuerst,
    Thats easy for you to say. You have an armed guard in your court. And as such this law would not apply to you. It does however apply to us. We are a small community that can not afford an officer in our meeting room. Nor can we afford a metal detector. I am concerned that something will happen when an Irate citizen comes to a meeting and we have no way to protect ourselves. I have a concealed carry permit an have for years but I can not carry presently in the meeting room