Is upcoming OK special session a stage for “attacking the judiciary”? State senator says yes, governor’s office says no.

July 26th, 2013 by Bill Raftery Leave a reply »

I’ve mentioned in the last several months the efforts in Oklahoma to shift the way the state selects its appellate judges, as well as threats to term limit them. The interest in these areas peaked when just days after the state supreme court struck down a statute, the House speaker directed a study on judicial term limits.

Now comes word (h/t to Gavel Grab for the pointer) that a state senator is warning an upcoming special session will focus on “attacking the judiciary“, including at least some of the proposals that advanced in the Senate during the regular session but died in the House.

A copy of the state senator’s letter provided to KGOU Radio to judges in the state is below.

Meanwhile, the governor’s office is denying any plans to attack the judicial branch. A spokesperson for Gov. Mary Fallin stated “The governor is considering calling a special session. However, the topic the special session would address is lawsuit reform. She is not planning to consider judicial reform or any other issue.” That lawsuit reform refers to the law that the state supreme court had struck down.