New Jersey tries again to fund e-courts; last year’s effort vetoed by governor

June 19th, 2013 by Bill Raftery Leave a reply »

Despite a veto in 2012, the New Jersey Assembly’s Judiciary Committee is once again pressing for additional funding for the state’s e-courts initiatives.

First, some background.

In 2012 New Jersey’s governor vetoed AB 763, a bill that would among other things raise various court fees to help pay for court technology (prior Gavel to Gavel coverage here).

Specifically AB 763 gave the Supreme Court may, subject to limitations provided in the bill, adopt Rules of Court to revise or supplement filing fees and other statutory fees payable to the court for the sole purpose of funding: (1) the development, maintenance, and administration of a “Statewide digital e-court information system,” that incorporates electronic filing, service of process, document and case management, financial management, and public access to digital court records; and (2) Legal Services of New Jersey.

AB 763 is effectively back this year as AB 3308. It passed the Assembly Judiciary Committee 5-0 with 1 not voting and 1 abstaining on June 10 (it was 7-0 in 2012).

If it follows the same pattern as 2012, it will next be taken up by the Assembly Appropriations Committee before going to the full chamber. Unlike 2012, however, the bill is on a tighter deadline as the legislature is up for re-election in 2013 and must complete its work before the new chamber(s) are sworn in next January.

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