Nevada House and Senate unanimously put intermediate appellate court on the ballot for 2014

I’ve mentioned previously that  the Nevada legislature has advanced, and voters rejected, several constitutional amendments to establish an intermediate appellate court in the state. This week however the Nevada Assembly and Senate unanimously advanced the plan to voters for the 4th time in 4 decades.

This unanimity on the question of an IAC is a change from 2011, when it was approved 16-5 in the Senate and 32-8 in the Assembly.

That said, unanimity on the question of an IAC is not unprecedented. The 2007 vote was also unanimous, as was the 2009 second-passage. In addition, the first-passage vote in 1989 was also highly supportive: 20-0 in the Senate and 42-2 in the Assembly (it is unclear from the Nevada legislature’s online system what the 1991 vote was).