North Carolina: Bills introduced to return to partisan judicial elections and/or end public financing of judicial campaigns

March 29th, 2013 by Bill Raftery Leave a reply »

As expected North Carolina’s House and Senate are set to take up plans to end the state’s publicly financed judicial campaign system for the appellate courts and return the state to partisan judicial races.

HB 451, entitled “Election Omnibus” simply deletes Article 22D of Chapter 163, the public financing system and returns state judicial races to the list of races to be held on a partisan basis. It joins the previously filed HB 65 / SB 39 which focuses solely on the judicial races/public financing portions of the state’s election law.

SB 495 and the similar but not identical SB 541 shut down public financing but are silent on the subject of partisan elections.

The House bills are both in the House Elections Committee. Senate Bills SB 39 and SB 495 are in the Senate Rules Committee while SB 541 was only filed yesterday (March 28) and is not yet in a committee.



  1. Andrew D. Jackson says:

    Let’s see why we have some of these things. Some states have judicial elections where only candidates’ names appear and no party. Compared to some selection processes, this does allow the public some say so about who becomes or remains a judge. Publicly funded elections have as their aim not having wealthy attorneys and large influential lawfirms make large campaign contributions and possibly compromise impartiality. How that works in practice, I’m not sure.

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