First the Arizona House, now the Arizona Senate Judiciary Committee Chair tries to take control of bar admission in the state; hearing set for 2/14

February 13th, 2013 by Bill Raftery Leave a reply »

Back in January I noted a bill (HB 2120) that sought to grant the power to license attorneys to the Supreme Court (a power the court has exercised for decades under existing case law). That same bill, while supposedly granting the court the power to license, also restricted the power but requiring the supreme court allow online law school graduates to take the bar exam.

The House continues apace in its efforts, this time with the Senate also introducing its own versions.

HB 2480 and the identically worded SB 1414 provide the supreme court is to license attorneys, administer a licensing test, discipline and disbar attorneys. The bills further provide “An attorney shall not be required to be a member of any organization to become or remain a licensed attorney in this state.” HB 2480 is set for a hearing before the House Judiciary Committee on February 14.

Meanwhile a Senate constitutional amendment (SCR 1018) and bill (SB 1415) sponsored by the chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee  provides a person may practice law if the person passes the bar exam, then further provides that admission to bar cannot be prohibited solely on the basis that the individual is not a law school graduate. Both items are in the Senate Judiciary Committee.