South Carolina: Judge, please don’t buy that lotto ticket. Unless you are on a trial court, then it’s ok (?)

Article XVII, Section 8 of the South Carolina constitution states “It shall be unlawful for any person holding an office of honor, trust, or profit to engage in gambling or betting on games of chance; and any such officer, upon conviction thereof, shall become thereby disqualified from the further exercise of the functions of his office, and the office of said person shall become vacant, as in the case of resignation or death.”

HB 3516 would lift the prohibition on “gambling or betting” for lotteries conducted by the state for most officer holders, including trial court judges, but specifically not including “judges sitting on the State Supreme Court or the South Carolina Court of Appeals.”

The bill repeats language from a identical bill introduced in 2010 (HB 3943).

HB 3516 is currently before House Judiciary Committee.