New Hampshire tries re-establishing legislative committee that sought to impeach judges, overturn judicial decisions

The last several years saw the New Hampshire House’s “Committee on Redress of Grievances” attempt to function as an appellate court and declare certain judicial determinations regarding specific child custody and visitation decisions invalid. Judges were recommended for impeachment based solely or almost-solely on testimony of losing litigants. Efforts to subpoena sealed court records involving juveniles were thwarted by the House’s own Rules Committee in Fall 2012 and one of the first orders of business in the 2013 session was disbanding the committee. (prior coverage here)

Despite the change in the chamber’s Rules, House members are attempting to reestablish the committee in statute rather than in the House rules.

HB 613 puts the committee in statute and with even broader powers than before. The committee would be able to overturn judicial decisions, “remedy” any judicial decision, and “undertake proceedings to remove from office judges or attorneys that do not uphold their oaths of office.” The committee would be allow to subpoena any court documents and recommend dissolution of a court.

The lead sponsor of HB 613 is also the lead sponsor of HB 638, which as I noted last week alleges a conspiracy involving the “original” 13th Amendment and claims Abraham Lincoln, the Queen of England, and the ABA have allowed lawyers to take on a foreign title of nobility (“esquire”) and taken over the judiciary.