Week ahead: WI Supreme Court meets with Judiciary Committees; giving MO supreme court power to move judgeships & redraw judicial boundaries; filing false liens on judges in VA

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January 21

Virginia Senate Courts of Justice Committee

SB 811 & SB 1113 Provides that any person who knowingly files a fraudulent lien or encumbrance in a public record against the real or personal property of a state or local employee, member of the General Assembly, member of a local governing body, constitutional officer or employee of a constitutional officer, or board member or employee of a regional jail or jail farm on account of the performance of the official duties of such member, employee, or officer, knowing or having reason to know that such lien or encumbrance is false or contains a materially false or fraudulent statement or representation is guilty of a Class 5 felony.

SB 853 and SB 966 Elevates the  punishment for committing an assault and battery against a magistrate who is  engaged in the performance of his public duties from a Class 1 misdemeanor to a Class 6 felony, with a six-month mandatory minimum term of confinement.

January 22
Kansas House Judiciary Committee

HB 2019 Ends merit selection in state. Provides governor may select nominees subject to senate confirmation. Creates Commission on Judicial Qualifications to review governor’s pick and make recommendations prior to Senate confirmation. Provides failure by Senate to vote on candidate within certain time frame results in automatic confirmation.

HB 2020 Ends merit selection for court of appeals only. Provides for partisan elections.

Missouri Senate Committee on Judiciary and Civil and Criminal Jurisprudence

SB 21 Provides the Supreme Court with the ability to transfer circuit and associate judge positions from one circuit to another
SB 22 Grants the authority to redraw the circuit and appellate judicial districts to the Supreme Court

Wisconsin Assembly Committee on Judiciary & Senate Committee on Judiciary and Labor

The committees will meet with the justices of the Supreme Court to discuss issues relating to the court system and the Legislature, no public testimony will be taken.

January 23
January 24
January 25

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  1. As for knowingly [an importnat consideration] filing a false lien against a state official etc. a misdemeanor sanction should suffice. Felony may be overdoing it.

    As for tranfer to another court, this can be useful where there is bias or a peception of bias. One hopes such a measure will be carried out correctly.