2012 effort to term limit Oklahoma appellate judges is back in modified form: 20 years and out but NOT retroactive

Last year I noted a push in the Oklahoma Senate to set term limits for the state’s appellate courts, limits that would have been retroactive and could have effective emptied the state’s appellate courts.

The bill’s author has now returned with SJR 24 of 2013. While the 2012 version (SB 1729) would have set a fixed 12 years in office for appellate courts and made it retroactive, the 2013 version sets a 20 year time limit and makes it prospective: judges serving on January 1, 2015 would not be forced out but would get 20 years from their appointment or last election.

As I noted last year, no state provides for term limits for their judges.

SJR 24 has been prefiled in the Senate but not referred to a committee.